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I have quite a collection of lingerie which I bought for myself. So why is it I still like to borrow my wife’s? Like this morning I just couldn’t resist putting on some of her really hot panties from M&S’s Limited Collection. Gold satin with black lace trim at the front and sheer nude see-through mesh at the back. What a wonderful feeling.


[XD61] XD59 v XD60

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In hindsight I wish I had gone for XD59. Don’t get me wrong XD60 is an extremely comfortable bra but the cups are a shade large for my little breasts. On the plus side the knickers are the sexiest ever. The materials they have used are designed to make you feel hot and sexy all day.

So bra sizes:

I think 36A cups are my size but I need a 38 for comfort. I hate flesh hanging over ill-fitting bras.
I have this 36A bra and panties (and thong) which I bought from M&S ages ago. Pink lace and everything fits perfectly.
I wonder if women have this size dilemma?

The XDRESS toilet



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So I changed my mind. As cute as the little see-through grey number was I decided on this sexy pleated padded bra and panties instead. I think I need a little help improving my breast profile and this does the job.

Do you think it was the correct option?

My new bra and panties


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I have this overwhelming urge to buy a bra I’ve seen on M&S. It is the sexiest see-through bra that I have seen in ages. And gorgeous matching knickers.
It’s a bit of money to splash out on something that might be stuck at the back of a drawer for most of its days but I don’t think I can resist.
There are three reviews on The M&S website; from two females and one male. This is the male review:
Pretty lace bra
20 June 2012
It’s not often I can find such a pretty lace bra in my size – 38A. It fits perfectly along with the lovely matching thong and suspender belt I bought at the same time. I also bought a matching set for my wife who looks fantastic in them and we can’t wait to wear them for a girly night out this weekend.


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There are three bags of clothes at the bottom of the hall stairs ready to go to some charity clothes shop. Skirts, dresses, blouses, lingerie, shoes – everything you would normally want.

My wife is having a ‘purge’; too many clothes!

She did a kind of fashion show asking my opinion as to what she should get rid of. Not exactly the best person to ask.

It wasn’t easy saying ‘Goodbye’ to some of my favourite items….

the pleated skirt that swished against stocking clad legs – how I’ll miss that feeling…

the black see-through blouse she never wore – it was a delight to wear…

size 12 jeans which she doesn’t like because she thinks they are too tight… she says I can keep these for wearing around the house. They fit pretty well but they looked much better with the black see-through top..

and the lingerie.. the red satin basque, something else she never wore. I can understand why. It takes forever to get on and if you need to get it off in a hurry – well the game’s up.

Farewell my friends. Perhaps you’ll end up with some deserving wearer.


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Are you worried or confused about your little habit?
Perhaps it’s you partner who cross-dresses and you are not sure what it’s all about.

Here are some questions people have sent to me. And here also are my answers.

Dear Vicky,
Came home from work early last night and he was dressed in my work clothes ( skirt, blouse bra heels etc) what the %$^&? Any opinions?
Dear Susan,
If all your clothes fit him I think you should seriously consider going to the gym.

Dear Vicky,
I caught my husband wearing my 6″ heels. He claims it is to help with an ear infection. Do you think he is telling the truth? Should I take him to the doctor? I am worried he is ill!

My Dearest Noreen,
Unlikely as it may seem, this is perfectly logical!
By wearing your heels while having a simultaneously impared sense of balance, he is likely to trip and fall, thus injuring some other part of his body. This will cause him to forget all about his ear infection…

If you have a question please drop me an email or leave a comment and I’ll do my best to give you an honest answer.

Luv Vicky:)


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The XD website has always fascinated me. It’s recently had a re-vamp and there are some interesting items on sale there.
For example:

All very nice, and the guy in the fishnets has pretty good legs.

This is lingerie designed especially for men.
And this is the bit I struggle with – does this count as crossdressing?

More of these pics soon.
If you fancy a look go here: XDRESS.COM

Meanwhile I indulged in these purple offerings.

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