My favourite pics and why I like them.

1. Me

I’ve always liked this picture of me. It used to be larger, with more of me on show, but I like the cropped version much better. I loved these panties (they mysteriously disappeared) and the lace top hold ups were the biz.

2. Kimber James

Hot or what?
Surely one of the most stunning bodies on the planet.
In more ways than one.

Have to admit I wouldn’t mind spending a night with Kimber.

Makes me hard just looking at these photographs.
What about you?


§ 3 Responses to GALLERY

  • don says:

    looks like great fun!

  • Iga-Christine says:

    It’s wonderfull to find our real personality.Like Kimber James.How happy you are!!! And sweet,and lovely!!!
    Unfortunally I’ve discovered the same…some decades too late.
    Never the less I’ve undserstood,why half of the mankind says:”Thanks God I’m woman.”

  • deepexplorations says:

    I LOVE those panties! That IS a great shot!

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